How to choose the best forex bonuses?

When you take part in the forex trading market, choosing the best forex brokers in the world as well as the  best forex bonuses is an important decision which can have an effect on your trading success. In this article, I will give you some information about forex bonuses such as types and features of them.

There are many kinds of forex bonuses

Different brokers offer many types of Forex bonuses. Traders have right to choose varied special offers and promotions. However, I think everyone should need to know what a forex bonus is. It is known as a regular promotion which is supported to an existing client or a new client. The traders don’t have to pay or do anything specific. They just have to create their own official accounts on the website. Besides, there are some types of bonuses which require clients to make their deposits in their accounts.

Based on my knowledge and experiences, following are 3 main types of forex bonuses:

  1. Forex deposit bonus

This type of bonuses is closely related to your deposits. It is available for all of the clients and they just have to make their deposits like an initial or a next one on the web. In fact, if you want to apply for these bonuses, you need to register your own account on the website.

Forex deposit bonus is usually measured in %. If the broker offers you a 50% deposit bonus and your deposit is 100$, when you transfer with a available payment method, your account will have 150$.

  1. Forex welcome bonus

The Forex welcome bonus is just offered to new clients who first create accounts. This feature is the same as Forex deposit bonus. For the regular clients, this type of bonuses is not really good. However, they can still, though use the deposit bonus only. New clients who have forex welcome bonus have chances to test the broker with a particular amount of money which the brokers offer. Therefore, the clients will not face the risk. These bonuses are varied among the brokers policies.

  1. Lot-back bonus

This type of bonus forex 2019 can be a good choice for the traders who have many experiences and trading time. Lot-back bonus will pay for regular clients with some of its special promotions. Your experiences on the web is an important factor for you to get a bonus.

How can we choose the best forex bonus?

From my point of view, clients are already eager to seek how to get the best Forex bonuses. Time is one of the most important things which all traders concern when speaking of choosing the best forex bonuses.

On the whole, in the forex trading world, choosing right broker with the best forex bonuses is not a simple matter. It even takes you a long time to make decision. Many brokers tend to offer many appealing promotions and bonuses. Trading is never easy. Hope that you can choose the most suitable one which can help you in your trading career.

From my experience, here are 4 best forex bonuses:

– Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM

– Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS

– Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM

– Bonus Exness reviews: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness

Homework Tips Realistically Work

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In phase of trading forex, a trader will experience 3 steps: beginners, professionals, and experts. At each stage, it’s required to choose different brokers because you have different targets, strategies, and ways of thinking, so the best forex brokers may not be the best forex brokers for beginners. This article is written to review some brokers that are most suitable for beginners and what new traders should do when starting trading forex.

Here is list of the best forex brokers for beginners.

XM reviews: 9/10

Exness reviews: 8.5/10

FBS reviews: 8/10


Many beginners think that it’s good to trade in a forex demo account. It’s a wrong belief. Demo account can be a trap for you. With a demo account, brokers will offer you the best trading conditions for your winning in demo world of trading. As a result, you can’t learn anything and can’t apply it to the real trading.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t partner up with ECN because it is very volatile. This account is only for experts. There are a lot of slippages and gaps. About 90% of the beginners will lose money, so it’s wise to invest a little of money at the early stage.

Beginners hope to win a lot of money when there is a release of news. But it’s not true. All experts don’t trade in news releasing time. They will close/open positions about 15 minutes before/after the release time.

Image result for best forex brokers


As beginners, they should mainly focus on learning and minimizing their losses at this stage, so the standards for the best brokers for beginners are:

  • Low deposit requirements.
  • Small trading lot requirements.
  • Good local support.

Low deposit:

The brokers’ credit, trading cost, and brokers’ quotes quality are factors attracted by experts. For beginners, they should only deposit small funds to practice trading. At this stage, traders are given the best trading conditions to help them develop their trading skills. I strongly advise you to deposit less than $100 for this stage (3 months). With a little amount of money, you also don’t need to pay attention to the trading cost.

Small trading lot required

The negative fact that 95% of the beginners will lose at the first time, so you should open positions as small as possible. The standard lot is 100,000 USD. Some of the best forex brokers for beginners can open positions as small as 0.00001 Lot USD such as XM with Micro accounts.

Exness and FBS also offer Cent accounts whose minimum lot trade is only 0.0001 Lot USD. You’re required to deposit $10 for a whole month of practicing with Micro and Cent accounts, and you also have every right to withdraw your winning money. In addition, there are no minimum deposit requirements, so you can deposit whatever amount of money you want.

Good local support

Many problems such as: login, installing MT4, 3D security of Credit Card… will be asked by traders, especially by beginners. Brokers need to solve those problems in native languages. A team of local customer service is available to help traders as soon as possible.

  • com: 9/10
  • com: 8.5/10
  • com: 8/10

XM and Exness which are trust-worthy are in the top biggest forex brokers. XM is a little bit better because you’re allowed to open smaller positions (0.00001 lot USD). Many training programs are held to develop beginner’s knowledge of trading.

Exness is the biggest retail forex broker. You can open as small position as 0.0001 USD with Cent account. Their support and payment systems are out of this world.

FBS also has Cent account. Their support and payment systems are very professional, but they only offer good services in some countries with local offices. Most of them are located in South East Asian countries such as: Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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